Cashmere Care Guide

We go to great lengths to use only the finest fibres and understand the care and attention it deserves. We’d like to share our experience with you in this simple guide, to keep your cashmere looking its best whether you wash by hand or in a machine. Pilling is a normal occurrence on cashmere and is caused by the cashmere fibres rubbing together during wear. To remove the pilling, we recommend you to use one of our cashmere combs.


1.     Always read and follow the garment’s own cashmere care label when washing your cashmere knitwear. Cashmere can normally be hand washed, or sometimes even gently machine-washed.

2.     However you wash your cashmere garment, we suggest turning it inside out before washing for extra protection. We recommend a gentle wool machine wash to hold a stabile temperature and a light tumbling. Allways use a gentele wool soap, we recommend Sonnett wool soap for best result.

3.   When washed place the garment flat on a towel and allow it to Air Dry. Avoid any direct heat such as radiators or strong sunlight. Never hang Wool on a line to dry, as this will cause lines and stretch marks. Never tubledry. Or Iron it will damage the Naturel fibers.